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Re: config replace posted 05/06/2004
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Kenneth Wygand wrote:

I wonder if we are still subject to the same limitations (having to
reload) as when changing a subinterface type from p2p to p2mp or visa
versa.  No box to test this on at the moment though...

That is another issue that I doubt this rectifies. I could give it a whirl however.


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Subject: config replace

While testing some new hardware I stumbled across a new command I think can be quite useful. It is "config replace". What it does is aloows you to load another config onto flash and "replace" the existing config with a new config in a nice quick clean fashion. With the optional "list" command the IOS will list all of the changes.

USBtest#conf replace usbflash0:running-config list
This will apply all necessary additions and deletions
to replace the current running configuration with the
contents of the specified configuration file, which is
assumed to be a complete configuration, not a partial
configuration. Enter Y if you are sure you want to proceed. ? [no]: y
!Pass 1

!List of Commands:
no hostname Replacetest
no interface Loopback0
interface FastEthernet0/0
  no ip address
no router rip
hostname MAYDAY
interface FastEthernet0/0
  ip address

My new config I replaced the old one with had no loopback interface or router rip and had a new hostname. With replace the extraneous commands are deleted automatically, no need to "no" them out in a config file and no reloads!

Looks like it is available in 12.3, not sure exactly when it first came out.


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