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RE: DLSW in Extended Access-list posted 03/27/2004
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DLSW uses TCP port 2065 for read and 2067 for write, I believe.  

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Subject: DLSW in Extended Access-list

Hey everyone,

I need to configure a named access list. Ok, the IP and routing part is
easy, but the problem is that DLSW must also be allowed. The moment I
apply my inbound access-list I loose connectivity to my DLSW peer. How
do I specify and permit DLSW in this list?

ip access-list extended INBOUND
permit tcp any eq telnet
permit tcp any eq ftp
permit tcp any any eq smtp
permit tcp any any eq www
permit udp any any eq tftp
permit icmp any any
permit igrp any any
permit tcp any any eq bgp


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