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FWSM 6509 firewall module info posted 03/25/2004
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Does anyone have any ifno or configs on the FWSM
modules. I can not find any good documentation on
Cisco web site.

Thank you

CCIE # 10702

--- Chris Larson <CLarson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It has been some time since I have worked with
> Netscreen, but I have noticed they continually beat
> out competition including Cisco in most firewall
> "shootouts". I am concerned about Juniper now owning
> them as Juniper has no experience in the
> firewall/security market but that is probably
> minor... who knows. 
> The netscreen is gui through a browser, lacks (or
> did) any good debugging for troubleshooting but is
> very simple. If you understand the basics of
> firewalling and VPN this is very easy to deploy. At
> the time Netscreen was about to introduce the 1000
> that was vlan aware. Of course now so is the FWSM
> but. I think the netscreen is an excellent and easy
> to use product for its pricing that apparently
> outperforms most other firewalls according to
> independant "shootouts".. I would imagine that has
> to do with the design around ASICS rather then a
> processor. Price to performance, you prolly can't
> beat it. Feature wise though it may be lacking.... 
> Chris #12380
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> 	Subject: PIX vs. Netscreen
> 	Has anyone had experience with both of these
> products? If so, what are the
> advantages/disadvantages of both? Thanks.
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