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Re: WCCP service-number question posted 03/21/2004
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You use the web-cache option to only redirect port 80 traffic to a Content
Engine (for example). The web-cache feature needs to be turned on at the
Content Engine. If you want WCCP to redirect more ports to the Content
Engine you can create a port list, which you map to a service number. So
redirecting more ports is a service number, and port 80 only is web-cache.

The WCCP function on the cat3550 only supports the redirection of port 80,
so the web-cache feature is enough for this device..

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Hello everybody,

If you have to redirect the HTTP requests to a web cache engine, you should

use WCCP. But should you use a service number or use "web-cahe" keyword?

ip wccp {web-cache | service-number}

Thanks for the help

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