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RE: Lab Scoring a Layer 2 problem posted 03/21/2004
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Best bet is to ask the proctor during the lab. If you are struggling on a
section that other sections are dependant on -especially core sections- then
you need to determine whether to continue to hammer away at it or whether
you should protect your time and complete the other sections.

Perhaps a question like:  "I am unable to see get routing properly
configured for section xxx. I realize the section yyy requires this to work.
If I configure yyy properly even though I am unable to fully complete the
first task, will I receive credit for section yyy?"

That might at least give you an idea how to use the remainder of your time.


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Subject: Lab Scoring a Layer 2 problem

Hey team,

I recently took but didn't pass the lab.  I won't violate the NDA, but I'm
wondering about how the scoring is done.

Let's suppose my pod is suppose to learn some routes from a BB router but I
don't configure the Layer 2 link between my router and the BB router
correctly resulting in my network not learning all the routes it's suppose

However, let's also assume that I configured all the layer 3 stuff - routing
protocols, filters, redist, etc,etc - 100% correctly.  Since, L2 isn't
working on 1 link between the BB router and my router, all my routing tables
will obviously be missing the routes it was suppose to learn from the BB
router in question.

So, here's the question:  If layer 2 had been configured correctly, and all
layer 3 stuff was configured 100% correctly, how many points would be lost?

Would I lose just the 2 or 3 points assigned to the layer 2 task that wasn't
done correctly or would I lose alot more points?

Thanks in advanced, Packet Man

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