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RE: Frame-relay interface-dlci command dependancy on physical int erfaces posted 03/20/2004
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Hi Serran,

A map statement binds a DLCI to an interface, regardless whether it is the
physical or a subinterface.

Why do you want to delete a DLCI referenced by a map? Maybe you want to add
the map to the subinterface?


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Subject: Frame-relay interface-dlci command dependancy on physical

Hi All,

I understand the use of this command with ptp or ptmp sub intf's.. however
if I use this command on a physical intf (on a spoke router).. AND after I
have confirgured static maps, i cannot remove this command unless i have
removed the static maps first. The following IOS msg is parsed out:

R5(config-if)#no frame-relay interface-dlci 501
%Cannot remove PVC as being referenced by map statement R5(config-if)#

Is there any reason why the command seems to bind to the static maps when
not really required in the first place for a phy intf?


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