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RE: CCIE test verification question posted 03/18/2004
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Provided that you have the printout from your passing score, they should be
able to track things down and recreate them...  Normal written exams would
be handled through the "regular" certification folks, although I would
assume that ccie@ would be the right way to handle this particular

The printout though contains all the information they should need to track
things down and figure out what's going on.

Good luck!

Scott Morris, CCIE4 (R&S/ISP-Dial/Security/Service Provider) #4713, CISSP,
JNCIS, et al.
IPExpert CCIE Program Manager
IPExpert Sr. Technical Instructor

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I realize that this site is geared towards the LAB portion But, I passed my
written last year and Cisco has no records of this on their certifications
page (the one that has all my CCNP and DP results.) Is this information
placed elsewhere on the site?  Does anyone have an email for Cisco for these
kinds of inquiries?


PS-  The site is great and I have learned a lot from the posts, Thanks!

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