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RE: Redistribute connected route-map ? posted 03/18/2004
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Thank you Richard & Marvin
I think this problem was fixed in 12.1( 3 ). Check out this link
Best Regards

Richard Dumoulin <richard.dumoulin@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Sally, with OSPF I think that If you advertise networks by both "network" and "redistribute connected" you'll have the same network in different lsa's, external and router,



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De: Sally Crawford [mailto:crawford0982003@xxxxxxxxx] 
Enviado el: jueves, 18 de marzo de 2004 0:27 
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Asunto: Redistribute connected route-map ? 

Hi Team 

When redistributing connected routes, do we have to create a route-map to specify which connected interfaces are to be redistributed if the interface is already been redistributed by another routing protocol ? Im confused, some LABs im doing are inconsistent with its use of the route-map command. Further , are  there any issues that could arise by redistributing interfaces via connected ( without route-map ) and the same interface via a routing protocol. Or am I totally wrong and it depends on the routing protocol. that I am redistributing the connected route into ?

Thanks All 


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