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Re: CCIE test verification question posted 03/18/2004
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On Thu, 18 Mar 2004, w T walla wrote:

> Hello-
> I realize that this site is geared towards the LAB portion But, I
> passed my written last year and Cisco has no records of this on their
> certifications page (the one that has all my CCNP and DP results.)
> Is this information placed elsewhere on the site?  Does anyone have
> an email for Cisco for these kinds of inquiries?

The CCIE written may be under a different ID.  Typically the NA, NP, DA,
DP and the like are an identifier like CSCOnnnnnnnnnn and the CCIE are
under your social security number if US citizen, not sure otherwise.

See if there's a different ID number on your written test results and
try it.  Try the Vue or Prometric web site as appropriate, see if they
have your results.  It could be a name misspelling or the like as well.

You could write to ccie<at> (make the obvious spambot-fooling
change) for clarification.  At worst you might have to fax a copy of
your written score sheet if they can't find it.

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