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Re: Redistribute connected route-map ? posted 03/18/2004
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You don't 'have to' create a route-map to limit which
connected interfaces are being redistributed, but it
is preferred.  One thing to keep in mind is that there
is a difference between a network that is included in
a routing protocol, and a network that is
redistributed into a routing protocol.  For example,
say you have a router running EIGRP and OSPF and
redistributing between them.  If you add a loopback
interface and use 'redistibute connected' to add the
interface to OSPF, the route will not be redistributed
to the EIGRP.

Marvin Greenlee
Network Learning, Inc.
Senior Technical Advisor

--- Sally Crawford <crawford0982003@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Team
> When redistributing connected routes, do we have to
> create a route-map to specify which connected
> interfaces are to be redistributed if the interface
> is already been redistributed by another routing
> protocol ? Im confused, some LABs im doing are
> inconsistent with its use of the route-map command.
> Further , are  there any issues that could arise by
> redistributing interfaces via connected ( without
> route-map ) and the same interface via a routing
> protocol. Or am I totally wrong and it depends on
> the routing protocol. that I am redistributing the
> connected route into ?
> Thanks All
> Sally 

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