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Re: Test verification for Written posted 03/18/2004
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As far as I know, the CCIE is tracked differently. 
Did you try and select your
track and 'schedule lab'?  If you have questions about
the CCIE program, you can e-mail the CCIE Support Team
at ccie@xxxxxxxxx

Marvin Greenlee, CCIE #12237
Network Learning, Inc.
Senior Technical Advisor

--- William Walla <william@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hello-
> I realize that this site is geared towards the LAB
> portion. But, I
> passed my written last year and Cisco has no records
> of this on their
> certifications page (the one that has all my CCNP
> and DP results.) Is
> this information placed elsewhere on the site?  Does
> anyone have an
> email for Cisco for these kinds of inquiries?
> PS-  The site is great and I have learned a lot from
> the posts, Thanks!

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