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VOICE Classification - Class-maps posted 03/11/2004
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This question has been asked before, but there was no answer. Forgive my

If you need to classify voice and all that goes with it (H323, etc), can you
assume that ports 1720 and 16384 - 32767 will encompass voice traffic? In
general, I'm finding that most voice traffic traverse these udp ports.

For example:

If you asked to classify and set DSCP values on all voip traffic, would
something of this sort do the trick?

ip access-list extended VOICE
 permit udp any any range 16384 32767
 permit udp any any eq 1720

 class-map match-all VoIP
  match access-group name VOICE

 policy-map QOS
  class VoIP
   set dscp cs5
  class class-default
   set dscp cs1

int e0/0
service-policy input QOS

While this is certainly not all inclusive, it essentially cover most voip
activities correct? Or do you have to try and use the question to find the
appropriate port numbers?