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DHCP Puzzler posted 03/09/2004
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I have an interesting scenario that I can't explain.  I'm looking at a
3640 router running as a DHCP server with a "standard" configuration -
no conflict logging, just a specified pool and an excluded range for
static addresses.  No hard-coded MAC addresses or permanent entries.
Yet when I run a "show ip dhcp binding", I see several entries whose
lease expiration is listed as "infinite".  I have the lease time set for
1 hour, and all of the other addresses are adhering to this
configuration.  Why would some entries be listed as infinite?  As far as
I know, the DHCP server dictates the least time, not the DHCP client.

Hmm... anyone have any clues?  :-)

Kenneth E. Wygand
Systems Engineer, Project Services

CISSP #37102, CCNP, CCDP, ACSP, Cisco IPT Design Specialist, MCP, CNA,
Network+, A+
Custom Computer Specialists, Inc.
"The only unattainable goal is the one not attempted."