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RE: Question on CCNP and CCIE posted 03/04/2004
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For what its worth.....  I had my CCDA expired for more than 1 year
before passing on my CCIE LAB exam and my CCDA automatically was
recertified and valid according to the Cisco certification website......

Indeed continue with your practice or ask your Cisco SE if CCNP will be
automatically recertified ones you've gained your CCIE number..

Cheers Ronald van Dommelen

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Sent: donderdag 4 maart 2004 13:52
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Subject: Re: Question on CCNP and CCIE

 In the long run a focus on and accomplishment of the CCIE will be much
more rewarding IMHO. I would continue with your labs unless you think
recerting your CCNP will benefit you more in the short run then a
continued focus on finishing the CCIE.

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From: "R. Adjakou" <radjakou@xxxxxxx>
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Sent: Wednesday, March 03, 2004 4:13 AM
Subject: Question on CCNP and CCIE

> I had passed CCIE Written in December 2002 and done 2 attempts to the 
> lab. My CCNP had expired and I don't know what to do: Retake CCNP
> certification (3 or 4 exams)? Or Can I continue CCIE labs?
> What is the recommended (mandatory) process?
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