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Your Next Step is CCIE Olympics posted 03/04/2004
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A lot has been said about the CCNP to CCIE promo from Cisco.
Since this is an Olympic year and I am Greek I cannot resist an example.
Consider you are an athlete and you have won races at your country level. Your athletic association sends you an e-mail and urges you to take part in the Olympic trials to qualify for the Olympics.
Does this mean that more athletes will try to qualify for the Olympics ? maybe
Does this mean that more athletes will succeed in qualifying for the Olympics ? probably not
Does this mean that athletes who do qualify will get a gold medal ? no way
Can an athlete who has qualified for the Olympics win a gold medal because he or she got lucky? Yes she or he can but the chances are very slim.
See my point?

George Yiannibas
2 attempts down third coming up

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