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RE: Your Next Step is CCIE [Cisco feeling the burn] posted 03/02/2004
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> -----Original Message-----
> From: Howard C. Berkowitz [mailto:hcb@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
> I have to suggest, from direct knowledge, that a reasonable number of
> "expired" CCIEs are already in jobs, perhaps that the CCIE helped
> them get, but where they now have actual experience on their resumes
> that a recertification just won't match.

I would add that many CCIEs are engineers that have moved up to technical
management, project management, or other positions and have lost their
technical knowledge and skills because they no longer need them. I know
several people like that. Getting the CCIE the first time is really the
important part. Recertification is less important unless you work for a
Cisco partner.