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RE: Your Next Step is CCIE [Cisco feeling the burn] posted 03/02/2004
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Obiviuosly you guys have never actually taken the lab exam.  I see nothing wrong with Cisco promoting thier product and encouraging people to pursue the CCIE.  Only 3% of Cisco Certified peolple actually obtain the CCIE level.  It took me three years to get my number and I never saw a braindump on the Internet for the lab exam.  It still takes extreme dedication, time and lots of $$$ to get the CCIE.  Anyone who gets thier number deserves it,  the sky is not falling. 

Ciena Corporation
Roger McNeace, CCIE  #12777
Senior Network Engineer

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Subject: RE: Your Next Step is CCIE [Cisco feeling the burn]

This is such bullshit, if Cisco isn't careful the CCIE will become like the
MCSE (Must Call Someone Else) CCIE (Cisco Certifies Idiots Everyday).  The
CCIE should not be seen as a revenue generating part of Cisco.  But
hopefully Cisco stops the insanity or there will be nothing sacred and holy

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Subject: FW: Your Next Step is CCIE [Cisco feeling the burn]

Looks like the certification value slide is starting to begin.  Cisco trying
to get more people to start on the long road to CCIE.

I will let anyone know if i find any coupons in this weekends paper.

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Subject: Your Next Step is CCIE

Dear CCNP,

With the economy poised for recovery, now is the time to strengthen your
personal qualifications. Obtaining your CCIE. certification can provide you
with the edge you need to move your career to the next level.

  a.. Studying for the exams expands your technical knowledge.
  b.. Passing the lab gives you personal satisfaction.
  c.. Displaying your official CCIE number earns you the respect and
admiration of colleagues and employers.
Obtaining your CCNP was an important step in your career. Taking the next
step-earning your CCIE-will differentiate you, and establish your mastery of
complex technology. Commit yourself to achieving CCIE certification this
Schedule your written exam now and enter a drawing for free CCIE self-study
materials from Cisco Press. Preparation is key to success on the lab exam,
self-study with Cisco equipment is the most important factor. CCIE Practical
Studies, a two-volume set from Cisco Press (a $150 value), is designed to
CCIE candidates prepare for the hands-on lab exam and supplies lab scenarios
for effective self-study.

To qualify for the drawing, you must be a CCNP in good standing and register
and take a CCIE written exam (any track) before June 30, 2004. A passing
is not necessary to qualify. One two-volume set will be awarded to a
CCNP each month. Those not chosen will remain in the pool for drawings in
subsequent months. Books will be shipped to winners after verification that
exam is complete. Cisco employees are not eligible for this offer.

Need more?

* CCIE was the most lucrative professional credential in 2003, according to
Certification Magazine's annual survey of over 19,000 IT professionals.

* CCIE was voted the #2 Hottest Exam for 2004 (#1 in 2003) by the readers of

* CCIE was named "Most Technically Advanced Certification" and "Best
Program" by Certification Magazine.

Visit the CCIE website now for more information on the CCIE tracks--Routing
Switching, Security, Service Provider and Voice, and to schedule your exam.
Details for entering the drawing are also available on the website at
Offer for CCNPs.

Mike Reid
CCIE Program Manager
Cisco Systems, Inc.

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