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slight offtopic: Cat4000: Interface Symbol-Err? posted 12/03/2003
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does anyone knows what is the meaning of Symbol-Err?
I didn't find any good document on the cco!

This is an printout form the cco.
4507#show interfaces GigabitEthernet 1/1 counters errors 

Port       CrcAlign-Err Dropped-Bad-Pkts Collisions   Symbol-Err
Gi1/1                 0                0          0            0

Port          Undersize  Oversize  Fragments      Jabbers
Gi1/1                 0         0          0            0

Port         Single-Col Multi-Col   Late-Col   Excess-Col
Gi1/1                 0         0          0            0

Port       Deferred-Col False-Car  Carri-Sen Sequence-Err
Gi1/1                 0         0          0            0