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RE: CCIE Bootcamps...PLEASE HELP posted 11/26/2003
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As a former Jar-Head myself, I would have to say that the term "bootcamp"
has been seriously watered-down to apply to technical training but I suspect
that I'll just have to live with that misnomer the same way I have come to
"accept" the common misuse of the term "DMZ" when applied to network
security discussions.

I don't think that anyone can reasonably expect to pass the CCIE lab after
attending a relatively short, but intensive training class (i.e. 5-10 days
as most of the "bootcamp" classes tend to be).  The road to CCIE tends to be
a months-long journey filled with endless reading of texts, becoming "one"
with the doc CD and spending countless hours trying to configure protocol X
in yet another way.

That said, these classes can serve as a "checkpoint" in one's training
regimen to gauge your knowledge of different topics and will help to
identify areas that need additional study/practice.  When used in this
manner they can be quite helpful.

I'm aware of several "bootcamps" that are designed to get a student
certified - from 0 to <insert certification here> in XX days.  To avoid the
flame-war that would erupt and because it would be off-topic, I'll not share
my opinions on these classes.

My $0.02, hope it helps.


P.S. I'm not related to Brad (that I'm aware of anyhow) but I did send him
my recommendation for CCIE training off-list.

R. Benjamin Kessler
Sr. Network Consultant
CCIE #8762, CCSI #30065, CISSP, CCSE
Midwest Network Services Group
Email: rbk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phone: 260-625-3273
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> At 2:53 PM -0500 11/25/03, Brad Kessler wrote:
> >Can Anyone out there tell me which one of these bootcamps they feel
> >are the best and why...Work is paying so I just need to know which
> >one.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
> >Thanks,
> >Brad Kessler
> Somewhat tongue in cheek, but I keep wondering if Gordon Clogston has
> gotten back into the networking training industry.  He had been a
> training manager at Cisco, and then at Protocol Interface (which was
> reacquired several times, becoming Geotrain, then part of something
> else bought by Global Knowledge).  Last I heard, though, he was doing
> management trainings.
> Gordon, although you wouldn't suspect it when he was in wine snob
> mode, actually had been a US Marine drill instructor. Great guy to
> work for -- really believed in Marine concepts of integrity, honor,
> and loyalty up and down.
> So while he'd run a fine bootcamp, he may actually be more valuable
> running management trainings from his experience as an outstanding
> manager. One of the dumbest things Cisco ever did was to pass over
> him for promotion to Director of Knowledge Products (as it was at the
> time). The managers selected seemed better fitted for Ignorance
> Products.
> Getting serious, there are a lot of good ones, but since so much
> value comes from the instructors, it's hard to tell which ones would
> match your personal style best.  It is worthwhile to try to think of
> how you think you'd learn in a bootcamp, describe your style, and get
> comments here of which instructors might complement that.
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