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Re: CCIE Bootcamps...PLEASE HELP posted 11/25/2003
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At 2:53 PM -0500 11/25/03, Brad Kessler wrote:
Can Anyone out there tell me which one of these bootcamps they feel are the best and why...Work is paying so I just need to know which one. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Brad Kessler

Somewhat tongue in cheek, but I keep wondering if Gordon Clogston has gotten back into the networking training industry. He had been a training manager at Cisco, and then at Protocol Interface (which was reacquired several times, becoming Geotrain, then part of something else bought by Global Knowledge). Last I heard, though, he was doing management trainings.

Gordon, although you wouldn't suspect it when he was in wine snob mode, actually had been a US Marine drill instructor. Great guy to work for -- really believed in Marine concepts of integrity, honor, and loyalty up and down.

So while he'd run a fine bootcamp, he may actually be more valuable running management trainings from his experience as an outstanding manager. One of the dumbest things Cisco ever did was to pass over him for promotion to Director of Knowledge Products (as it was at the time). The managers selected seemed better fitted for Ignorance Products.

Getting serious, there are a lot of good ones, but since so much value comes from the instructors, it's hard to tell which ones would match your personal style best. It is worthwhile to try to think of how you think you'd learn in a bootcamp, describe your style, and get comments here of which instructors might complement that.