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RE: Controlling peer selection posted 11/23/2003
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The explorer wait time is one method of making sure that you wait long
enough (or not) for all stations to respond to the reachability request.
So it's used in conjuntion with load-balancing to be sure you get all
the responses you should be getting.  It is not a method of
load-balancing itself.

Otherwise, it is going to depend on your scenario.  You can use cost in
the local or remote peer statements.  You can use circuit-weight as

If you are talking about where two peers share a common ethernet between
them, you can use the ethernet redundancy (interface command - dlsw
transparent redundancy-enable (mcast-MAC) master-priority (#)) to
determine who the master for that network is.  The two peers chat in the
background and figure out who is in control.  The lower priority number
wins.  Default is 100.


Scott Morris, CCIE4 (R&S/ISP-Dial/Security/Service Provider) #4713,
CISSP, JNCIS, et al.
IPExpert CCIE Program Manager
IPExpert Sr. Technical Instructor

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Hi Guys,

I am planning to sit for the lab on coming Friday. I am wondering if
someone can help me to understand selecting a dlsw+ 
peer over a another one without using Cost. Let me put more details
about this. There are two peers to a same destination and are not
configured with either cost or circuit weight.  If I need to prefer one
circuit over the other one. I saw that with explorer-wait-time it can be
done. Can some please explain me how this can be done.



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