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RE: Who has a PIX501 to the internet? posted 11/20/2003
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The inside interface of a Pix 501 is much like a VLAN interface, as in it's a virtual interface into the 4 port switch module.  You can't control the individual switch ports, so you need to make sure anything connecting is either set to auto or half.  In version 6.3.3 I think they locked the inside interface to 100 full to eliminate confusion.

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From: Phil [mailto:ciscostudent1@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2003 9:37 PM
To: ppatrick@xxxxxxxxx; 'Jim Gillen'; security@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx;
Subject: RE: Who has a PIX501 to the internet?

The inside interface on the PIX501 running 6.3.3 is already set to 100gull and that cannot be changed. My PC and laptop are set to auto though (will hardset and reply to the group).

Paul Patrick <ppatrick@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Good point. May want to lock the PIX 501 to 100 full on E1 to force the
workstations to use 100 full.


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Subject: Re: Who has a PIX501 to the internet?


Check the duplex setting on the workstations. This can cause some very
file transfers under windows and UNIX if there is a mismatch.

May not apply here though.

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From: "Phil" 
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Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2003 8:52 AM
Subject: OT: Who has a PIX501 to the internet?

> I have a PIX501 running 6.3.3 connected to the internet and a PC and a
laptop connected to the internal switch in the pix. The PC has a shared
folder I use to backup my laptop. It is super slow when copying files
the laptop to the PC. FTP works fine. I tried tweaking the "sysopt"
parameters with no success.
> Transfer works fine when connected to a regular switch. Has anyone
this before?
> Thanks in advance,
> Phil
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