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Re: Hotel in RTP posted 11/17/2003
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$202.35/$236.xx for 5/7 days at an efficienty "suburban log"  exit 278 apex
54/55 off of I-40.

No internet.  but plenty of power outlets.  About 10 miles from RTP via 55.
Next to a golden coral.  Good for ssome pre town studying, food, and not too
shabby if you want to "camp out" for the event.  Such as drivers from NJ or
Georgia.  about 8 hour drive.

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From: "ccie2be" <ccie2be@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2003 4:39 PM
Subject: Hotel in RTP

> Hi all,
> Thanks to everyone that got back to me on this.  I appreciate it.
> I was interested in any feedback on the Wellesley Inn & Suites at RTP
> they only charge about 50 bucks a night and I'm trying to conserve money.
> Between the 1250 lab fee and airfare, I'm running out of money.
> These other hotels all sound good, but they're alot more money.
> dt
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