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MORE..BGP - Community attribute posted 11/16/2003
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Regarding LOCAL-AS attribute, I4d like to confirm:

A route with a LOCAL_AS attribute can be advertised to peers in other subautonomous systems within a confederation, but I4m trying and it is not working... the route cannot be advertised to another subautonomous systems..

AS3 (R3)......[ AS10 (subAS5 -R5)----- (subAS5 - R2) ........ (subAS6 - R6)]

In this example, R2 (in the same subAS) has R6 (in another subAS) cannot get the same route:

router bgp 5
bgp router-id
bgp cluster-id 3368601605
bgp log-neighbor-changes
bgp confederation identifier 10
bgp confederation peers 6
neighbor remote-as 5
neighbor ebgp-multihop 5
neighbor update-source Loopback0
neighbor send-community
neighbor route-map MODCOMMUNITY out
neighbor remote-as 3
neighbor ebgp-multihop 5
neighbor update-source Loopback0

access-list 33 permit

route-map MODCOMMUNITY permit 10
match ip address 33
set community local-as

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