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RE: vlan minimization posted 11/14/2003
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Please can you post the CCO link?
I was under the impression that vlan 1 could not be removed from trunk links
for the reason you specify below.


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> From: 	Ozgur Guler (Garanti Teknoloji)[SMTP:OzgurG@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Reply To: 	Ozgur Guler (Garanti Teknoloji)
> Sent: 	Friday, November 14, 2003 7:30 AM
> To: 	'Ccielab (E-mail)
> Subject: 	vlan minimization
> hello group,
> cco says
> "To reduce the risk of spanning-tree loops or storms, you can disable VLAN
> 1
> on any individual VLAN trunk port by removing VLAN 1 from the allowed
> list.
> This is known as VLAN 1 minimization. VLAN 1 minimization disables VLAN 1
> (the
> default VLAN on all Cisco switch trunk ports) on an individual VLAN trunk
> link. As a result, no user traffic, including spanning-tree
> advertisements, is
> sent or received on VLAN 1. "
> isnt that statement somewhat contradictory by itself...
> it says "To reduce the risk of spanning-tree loops or storms"
> then it says no user traffic, including spanning-tree advertisements, is
> sent
> or received on VLAN 1.
> afaik, blocking spanning tree advertisement is "a reason" for spt loops.
> i would be happy if someone can shed some light on this one.
> Ozgur
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