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Re: WHen broadcast keyword is required? posted 11/10/2003
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Peng Zheng wrote:


frame-relay interface-dlci DLCI [broadcast]

When broadcast keyword is needed?

When using old IOS:

C7507A(config-subif)#frame-relay interface-dlci 16 ?
  cisco     Use CISCO Encapsulation
  ietf      Use RFC1490/RFC2427 Encapsulation
  ppp       Use RFC1973 Encapsulation to support PPP over FR
  protocol  Optional protocol information for remote end

If I recall several years ago you needed to use the broadcast keyword to get routing protocols and other broadcast dependant protocols to work. Since at leat 12.0 in not earlier frame p-p subinterface now work as one would expect, negating the need to this keyword.


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