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[HELP] Rules for redistribution and marking scheme posted 11/09/2003
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Hi group,

Just want to get a clear and simple answer to multiple redistribution points
scenarios  that have come across from time to time :

1) When there are multiple redistribution points in the topology, I always
see answer keys that make use of cubersome distance with ACL, tagging or
route-maps to prevent route-loop.  While in some case it is absolutely
necessary, especially for protocols that can not differentiate external and
internal routes, i.e. RIP.  But for mutual redistribution such as EIGRP <>
OSPF / ISIS, I can't see the reason why those configurations were in place
'coz EIGRP has external ADMIN distance which is already large enough.  For
working with OSPF, isn't a simple command "distance ospf external <AD>"
already sufficient ?  Just want to find the simplest way to get the work

2) The 2nd question is about the lab marking scheme.
Redistribution between IGP is so easy to get errors, maybe due to missing
routes or route-loops.  If so happened after redistribution, some of the IP
connectivity can not be fulfilled, will I get marks for individual IGP
section ? (assume connectivity within each IGP domain is okay)

Appreciate if anyone can share their view.  Many thanks.