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New CCIE #12483 posted 11/09/2003
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Well, I managed to pass the darn thing - first attempt.

Thanks to everyone that assisted me (especially Paul).

Study materials (in order of importance):

- Routing TCP/IP Vol I & II - I read them both 3 times, cover to cover.
Also read certain chapters 5 times or more.
- Caslow's Book - Second Edition - good for certain topics that aren't
covered well by Solie
- CCIE Practical Studies - just good for filling in the gaps, don't consider
this your bible.

Classes taken (both taught by Paul Borghese and worth every penny):

CCIE - Routing and Switching
CCIE - Foundations

Lab time:

More than any of this, what this took was 30-40 hrs of lab study per week
for 3-4 months.  You've got to drill this stuff into your head and get
faster.  I used a lab that consisted of 13 routers and 2 switches.  I had
real ISDN, voice, atm, etc...... leave nothing out!  Practice everything you
read until you not only can configure it but understand it!

Know the core topics inside and out (hence my incessant reading and
practicing via Doyle's superbly written books).

Know the DOC CD inside and out - it's the only thing that'll save you when
you hit those 2-4 questions that you just don't have a freakin' clue about.

Stay calm!!
Roman McDonald ~ CCIE #12483