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Re: lab schedule posted 11/04/2003
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I loved my experience both times at RTP, but for me the choice was easy
because I live in Virginia.  I could drive to RTP.  You will probably find
that the hotels tend to be cheaper in RTP than they are in San Jose.

Cisco's RTP office is remarkably close to the RDU airport.  The hotel where
many people like to stay (Wingate Inn) is an airport hotel, in fact.  The
night before I passed, I stayed at a very inexpensive hotel, the Homestead
Inn and Suites, which was around $50 or less including tax (booking on-line
to get 10 percent discount).  The night before my first attempt, I stayed at
the Radisson for a great weekend rate in the neighborhood of $80.  The
Radisson was a bigger room and was closer to Cisco, but was far from the
fast food restaurants where you need to go to get a meal very early in the
morning on a weekend.  The Homestead was right there near the restaurants.

I think if you read the archives, you will find that many people seem to
like the proctors and the atmosphere at RTP.  I think Cisco probably has
good food in all their locations.

Each of these two Cisco locations offer obvious theme songs for the trip.
For RTP, my theme song for the trip was "Gone to Carolina in my Mind."  I
recently read that Carolina was the name of a women's dorm where James
Taylor went to college, but I was unaware of this potential double entendre
when I visited RTP.

For San Jose, there is "Do you know the way to San Jose?" This song involves
failure and dreams that never came true.  I prefer the Carolina song.

You may have noticed a certain lightness of tone in my post.  I think it
helps to approach the CCIE Lab with a willingness to have fun while tackling
a challenge.  While the testing fee is substantial, this is not a
mission-critical production network, so this should be less stressful than
the work that many of you do every day.

Good luck!

Tom Larus, CCIE #10,014
Author of CCIE Warm-Up: Advice and Learning Labs

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Subject: lab schedule

> Hi Group,
> I would like to schedule my lab exam date (R&S) soon,
> since there are two places in USA: North Carolina, San Jose,
> which one do you think more convenient, regarding hotel,
> lab environment, etc?
> thanks,
> Yunming Song
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