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Re: 2500's or 2600's for home lab ??? posted 11/04/2003
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Hello Brian,
First of all you should take a look at the ccie website, and find out the
hardware that is in use, before you make your investment. Also, the average
time it takes to complete CCIE, for those that do finish, is 18 months.
Keep in mind that in that time period a new version of IOS could come out,
you will need hardware that is capable of running the new IOS. My
recommendation would probably have to be with nothing less at this point
than 2600's or 3600's or both, you will need isdn simulator as well, voice
interface cards and atm cards and switch to practice these technologies. You
could rent rack time for VOICE and ATM, if you cant afford all of these.   I
would recommend that you purchase one 3550 switch as well. I would not
purchase 2500 because they are of such little value, slow as molassis, and
they arent being used on the exam. Yes the price of a home lab has gone up,
and so has the cost of the exam. I have a bunch of 2500's that I probably
wont be able to get rid of, that I am stuck with.  Also, make sure the
routers you get have enough memory. I would recommend at least 32mb, the
more the better. Also, keep in mind that it takes an average of 3 attempts
to pass, that is $3750 just in exam fees. So make sure that you leave money
for exam costs. Good Luck in the journey...
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From: "Brian Green" <brian2331@xxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Tuesday, November 04, 2003 8:11 AM
Subject: 2500's or 2600's for home lab ???

> hi guys,
>         well im  on my hunt for routers and switches ...namely routers as
of now ....can you please advise me regd purchasing making a home lab
......which ones to i purchase 2500's or 2600's ....??? should i buy 2500's
now ..........practise and then resale to get 2600's ???
>  howabout the swithces ..straightaway 3550's ???
> please share your experience over which types to buy and how does that
affect my lab preps till im finally in the room giving my lab ....
> thank you
> ;-)
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