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Re: Lab Tactics posted 11/03/2003
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When you go to the Lab remember:

Time is your most critical resource. So dont waste it for anything that is not absolutely neccessary for your lab scenario. This means fancy configs that dont gain points.

Forget best practices. Things you would do in real life are useless in the Lab.
Things that would get you fired in real life are very usefull in the Lab.

If there are several ways to accomplish a task learn all of them because if there are 3 ways to do something and you only know 2 ways the third way which you dont know will be the only one allowed in the Lab.


P.S. The Lab is not that tough .... it is tougher :-) Be optimistic, if others have passed the Lab you can pass it too.

From: "Martin D. Fierbaugh" <marty@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Reply-To: "Martin D. Fierbaugh" <marty@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Lab Tactics
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 08:30:04 -0500

Hello all,

My question is in relation to tactics.  There are many options for
completing a particular task.  However, I imagine taking a certain
approach verses another may keep you out of troubleshooting hot water.

My question is, if given a scenario where you have several options are you better off to keep it as simple as possible or try to dig deeper to find out what the test is looking for (i.e. read ahead). I am sure people have configd themselves into corners before by trying to impress (BGP comes to mind) the grading proctor.

I have found that real world implementation can differ from approaches
to a lab environment and I am afraid my views may be jaded by my own
personal experiences and design practices.

Any advice would be appreciated.



Martin D. Fierbaugh, CCNP

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