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Re: Re: Switch related question posted 09/18/2003
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Hello group,           (I am new to IP phones so correct me if I have it wrong)
      In further relating to your reply back to me Charles, as you all know the IP phone will do its magic of detecting power on the switch. Once that is done it then sends a CDP packet to the switch, more magic happens and the switch tells the IP phone what its operational Vlan is. Now that the switch has an Op Vlan to work on it broadcasts for an address. (I think that is the screen saying  
"Configuring Ip") Anyone that is in the Op Vlan (Int Fa 0/1) should answer for that broadcast, that it with the help of the "ip helper-address" command to a Dhcp server. ((((I tested on a side device as well and found the same thing as you Charles that if the phone was connected to a network that it could reach a dhcp server via it got its address again. That is after the config was cleared.
If the config was cleared and attached to a network that it could not reach a DHCp server via it got its Op Vlan and nothing more...."Configuring Ip"))))
      That is where my problem lies. The Pc came up got an address no problem.
All of this by merely typing "interface vlan 50 or 51" then no shut, all on the RSM side of the CAT5000. I cannot seem to reproduce this effect or find a possible answer to this in any of my books. Does anyone have any direction that they think would be wise to follow further in the pursuit of this answer?
Thanks again guys,
Cursing a Cat5