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RE: TFTP file not found - help posted 09/16/2003
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What is the file size. I know old cisco tftp servers used to have issues
when trying to download 6+ meg tftp files. Can you copy tftp start on a
little startup-config file?

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I know how to use tftp server etc... used it successfully many times.
However, I have not yet found a way to resolve file not found error.

The server I'm using is from ' Solarwinds '
I think it's ok. The os on the tftp server is 2k.

I can ping n/problem and I know the file does exist, the tftp root directory
has been pointed to correctly. In fact I can write from device to tftp - the
problem arises when I use 'copy tftp bootflash:'

someone must have come across the same scenarion - if so pls share the fix
for that ?


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