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Re: VTP and ISL and 802.1q trunks posted 09/12/2003
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no though I tend to use 802.1q, try to keep configs consistant.


ccie2be wrote:


Are there any problems or issues when both ISL and 802.1q trunks are used in
the same VTP domain?

For example, suppose the following:

        ----ISL trunk --------
Sw1                                Sw2
        ----802.1q trunk----

Is the above a valid configuration?  If so, do any special precautions need to
be taken related to STP or VTP because one trunk is ISL but the other one is

Example 2: Assume Sw1 is VTP server and sw2 and sw3 are VTP clients all in the same VTP domain.

Sw1----ISL trunk--------Sw2-------802.1q trunk--------Sw3

Is this a valid configuration? Any gotcha's I need to be aware of?

I know that these aren't preferred configs but the Cisco lab is reputed to
test valid config's even if they're not good config's.

Thanks, dt

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