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RE: Cisco to Nortel OSPF question posted 09/12/2003
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Process ID in OSPF is a locally significant object. So yes, they will
work together.  Or at least if they don't work together, it's not
because of the process id.  :)

RFC2328 I believe is the latest OSPFv2 standard, and it lays out all of
the packet formats.  You will notice that the process ID is not
something that is sent within any of the packets and therefore not
interacting.  Other options and parameters are.


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I have a Cisco router running OSPF with Process ID 1 and a Nortel router
running a Process ID 811. Can these both talk to one another if the
Process ID's are different. I know running Cisco to Cisco via different
Process ID's works but I need to know if it will work with Cisco to
Nortel. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!!

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