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Re: RE: autoinstall over framerelay posted 09/05/2003
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Autoinstall requires configuration of staging router only. There is no configuration required on new router. (We have to make sure that we are using s0/0 or S1/0 on new router, other serial ports may not work.)

(stage) R1--s0---------FR-----------s0--R2 (new)

We have to put following on staging router(r1).

int s0
  ip add x.x.x.4 m.m.m.0
! ip address of this interface

  ip helper-address y.y.y.y   
! where y is ip address of dhcp sever. It is not required if this router is providing IP. We have to make sure that DHCP is configured so ip address assigned to new router is same as our frame map.

  frame-relay map ip x.x.x.2 ddd 
! where ddd is dlci number and x.x.x.2 is ip of new rotuer. It is not required if interface is point to point.

  frame-relay interface-dlci ddd protocol ip x.x.x.2
! this command is required if staging router is also acting as bootp server. if staging router is not bootp use frame interface-dlci without protocol.

On serial with hdlc or with ethernet we only need ip helper-addresss configuration on staging router.

Please, correct me if I am wrong.