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RE: Memory leak?? posted 09/05/2003
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Hi all,

It may be due to NACHI, I have this problem last two night and I used
sniffer to catch PC's infected. I also use IP accounting and discover a lot
of 92 byte packet comes out.

The routers will be normal forwarding in between but fail console access
and "low memory" message comes.

Take a look at the following link, it mentions to use policy route to drop
92 byte echo and echo reply packets.

BBD (Big Blak Dog)

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I have had this problem on 1600R routers running 12.0(5) code. An upgrade
resolved the issue. There was a bug ID, but have lost the documentation
regarding it, it was 2 years ago.

Kind regards,

Joseph Biondino
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I have had serveral customers call with various "router" problems, high
CPU, MALLOCS, etc... and they have all been caused by the viruses that
are still creeping around.

Yuki Hisano wrote:

>Hi group,
>Lately, I am having trouble accessing(Telnet and Console) some of my
>with an error message of
>say " Memory low, try again!. " Since it happens so often lately, I was
>wondering if there are some people having the same issue.
>Please let me know if you have any idea.
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David Madland
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Qwest Communications

"Emotion should reflect reason not guide it"

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