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RE: CCIE Written posted 09/03/2003
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It's good to be proud of your accomplishments. It's also good to honor
the rules as set forth by the company whos certification your pursuing
and you take said pride in. There is a standard for using the letters as
you choose to use them. And that standard is there is no such thing as a
"CCIE Written" designation to be used in any correspondence, stationary,
business card, email, etc. We don't make the rules... we just live by


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Those of you disgruntled by my placing "CCIE Written" after my name have
way too much time on your hands.  I am not using the CCIE Written to get
a job, nor to trick people into thinking I've passed the lab exam.  I
already have a job and am only focused on the certifications I'm
pursuing.  I put it on there because I'm proud of it.  Passing the
written was a great accomplishment and it constantly motivates me to
succeed.  If someone were to cheat on a test or share answers and
questions from the actual exam, they would be violating the Cisco
agreements.  If I share with others that I've passed the written exam,
I'm just telling people I've passed the CCIE written exam.  Find a
better way to use your time.

Tiffany Creighton


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