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Re: Cat 3550 cross links posted 08/28/2003
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From: "Gary Bartlett" <gary.bartlett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2003 2:12 AM
Subject: Cat 3550 cross links

> Hi guys,
> I was looking over a lab that I'll be working on & came across a section
I'm not to familiar with.
> The lab started off by having me configure the same vlan & interface info
on both cat3550s, interfaces Fa0/12, Fa0/13 and Fa0/14 into vlans 12, 13 &
14 respectively.
> I also assigned the vlans with the following IP's on cat1 .9
on cat2, on cat1 .9 on cat 2, & on cat1 .9 on
> I then configured HSRP between each of the vlans to be load balanced
> my 2 issues are:
> 1) it requested that I make cat1 to be the root for vlans 12 & 13, & cat2
to be the root for vlan 14 (not sure if what they would mean by this is to
simply give HSRP a higher priority of if it would be some sort of CAT
configuration they are asking for)
Cat1 to be root for vlan 12 & 13 >>> spanning-tree vlan 12 root primary and
so on, you get the pic.
HSRP priority have nothing to do with spanning tree.
> 2) then they asked that i configure Cat1 & Cat2 cross links fa0/22, Fa0/23
& Fa0/24 for load balancing such that Fa0/22 is preferred for vlan 12,
Fa0/23 is preferred for vlan 13, & Fa0/24 be preferred for vlan 24 (totally
lost on this one...)
Not sure what they meant either.  But I would guess that they meant that
certain ports will be preffered in getting to the root if these ports at the
uplink between these two switches.  make the port that they specified be
forwarding from the non-root bridge for the vlan they specified.  Remember
that if all three ports are connecting to one another and you are not
channeling it means that one of the port going to the root bridge will be
blocking.  I think they want you to manipulate which one to forward for
particular vlan..
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