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RE: new to cisco posted 08/20/2003
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--- but I can really click around to get this stuff working. ---


You have a great potential to be a CCIE in a short time in my point of view.
At least you know how to "click around" and ended up in this forum which I
was not able to do when I didn't know the command "nslookup".  Good clicking
skill to get the stuff working is a must in the lab in order to find correct
information using the DocCd.  Keep you courage and press on....

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Subject: Re: new to cisco

I found the gold solution to this puzzle of our new cisco colleague to
go fast to 6 figure salary , my solution is very serious as following:

Simply he has to find a way to the proctor of certain lab place  , and
try to make any kind or recognition or friendship with him and take the
lab test pool from him and sit aside one of Cisco experts(that finishes
the book CCIE for Dummies , for at least three times reading) and then
go for the lab with all our hopes to finish it quickly to reach the
private plane which waits for anyone of us who finishes CCIE exam to
carry him to the Everest TOP , to meet all of us there,

Hey, I'm still waiting...........................

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