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Re[2]: CBWFQ and Frame-Relay posted 06/26/2003
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Hello badger,

Thursday, June 26, 2003, 7:04:29 AM, you wrote:

b> Hello badger,

b> Wednesday, June 25, 2003, 8:38:26 PM, you wrote:

b>> Hello ccielab,

b>>   I'm still struggling with a basic issue of how to apply the service
b>>   policy to a frame interface.  I have two scenarios that are still
b>>   puzzling and welcome anyone to offer up a solution/explanation.

b>>   The first scenario is on a FR physical interface and the basic two
b>>   questions here are (1) do you need to turn on "traffic shaping" for the
b>>   service policy to work (2) are you required to use the "frame-relay
b>>   map-class xxx
b>>     service-policy yyy"

b>>  Or, does the service policy get applied directly to the interface
b>>  such as "service-policy output yyy"

b>>  As a side may be my code, 12.1(14)T, but whenever I use the
b>>  "frame-relay map-class xxx" method, my routers instantly reload!

b>>  The second scenario is on a FR interface with two point-to-point sub
b>>  interfaces.  Say I want to the same service-policy to be applied to
b>>  both the sub interfaces, redundant links, then the question(s) are
b>>  (1) Again, does FR traffic shaping need to be enabled?  (2) does the
b>>  service policy get applied to the physical interface, or to both sub
b>>  interfaces? (3) Whatever the answer is to (2), do I use the
b>>  "frame-relay map class" method, or apply the "service-policy output
b>>  yyy" directly to physical/sub-interface?

b>>  I have read many docs, books, and examples and seen this accomplished
b>>  in so many ways that my head is still spinning, but I would really
b>>  like to get this nailed down.

b>>  Thanks and

b> My own followup to post:

b> If I apply the service policy directly to the physical FR interface,
b> and do a "sho policy-map interface serx," then I can see my service
b> policy is applied.  However, if I apply the service policy using the
b> "frame-relay map-class yyy" and then so the sho policy-map interface
b> Serx, my service policy is no longer applied to the interface.

b> Is there another show command that will show me that the policy is
b> applied to my FR interface when using the "frame-relay map-class yyy"
b> method of applying the policy?

b> Now to really confuse myself even more, what if I am actually doing
b> trafiic shaping on the FR interface and also have a CBWFQ policy
b> map applied under my frame-relay map class?  According to the above
b> "sho" output results, the CBWFQ wont apply.

b> Thanks, still confused, need help.

If anyone was considering responding to this request, rest easy...I've
finally figured out this entire mess and have it nailed!

Best regards,
 badger                            mailto:badger@xxxxxxxxx