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RE: vlan design question posted 06/17/2003
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What is it you really want to do here ? You seem to have a lot of
Issues that don't really need to be here..why the static ? Just do
routing between 
The two vlans and the servers will talk to each other fine..

Larry Letterman
Cisco Systems

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Subject: OT: vlan design question

I would like to do the following but feel that it may not work because
of how the vlans are set up.

I have a server which needs to talk to a host on one subnet via an msfc
blade in a cat6509.  This server also needs to talk to another host
(with an ip alias) on the same subnet but in a different vlan.  Here is
the scenario:

x.x.10.0                                                x.x.20.0
ServerA-----------Router (msfc)---------ServerB-----------ServerC
vlan10                vlan 10                        vlan20
                            vlan 20

Everything current exists in vlan 10.  I want to move ServerB to vlan20
(subnet 20.0).  Using my msfc, I want to point a static to ServerA which
should be no problem.  The real problem will be with ServerC which is
currently in vlan10 and talks to other servers on vlan10 but not via the
msfc blade.

If I move ServerB to vlan20 AND I have ServerC in vlan10 with an
secondary ip on it's ethernet interface, will I still be able to
communicate with ServerB?

Thank you for your response.

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