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Re: switching block design posted 06/01/2003
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At 8:36 PM +0300 6/1/03, Emad wrote:
I jus want to share a design with you,
I have two core switches 6513 connected together through two giga ports and I have two switches 4507 (each one of them is connected by one link to both switches 6513) and each switch 4507 has one vlan only configured on it , if I want to have load balancing on the switch 4507 to the two switches 6513 , what is more suitable , running ospf between these two uplinks or having HSRP running on the two interfaces and how can I do it?
Please advise

I'm not completely clear what load you are trying to balance. To get HSRP load balancing, you have to put the hosts into different HSRP groups.

Any interior routing protocol, or static routes (it's not limited to OSPF) will load-share according to the interface switching modes on otherwise equal-cost routes.

Are there relevant L2 solutions here such as UplinkFast or the newer IEEE methods?

There are many reasons to load balance. Bandwidth utilization can certainly be one, but is bandwidth a problem on the gig links? Reconvergence can be faster in some switching modes, but they are generally the slowest. What problem are you trying to solve?

Load balancing != high availability failover. Sometimes they are the same, but often they are not.