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BGP and Floating statics posted 04/25/2003
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Hello group,
I have the following situation, I have 2 BGP routers connected to two ISPs,
and connected to
each other with an IBGP session.
each of these routers has a network behind them (x,y), and each router
learns about the other
 routers network VIA IBGP,
please look at the diagram below

      ISP router A  	            ISP Router B
	|				|
	|				|
	|				|
	EBGP link			Ebgp link
	|				|
	|				|
	|				|
Border Router A	-----IBGP link--------Border router B
	|				|
	|				|
	|				|
	|				|
	Network x		Network Y
	|				|
	|				|
	Pix A				Pix B
	|				|
	|				|
	|				|
	------------Network Z------------

Now if I lose the link between border router A and border Router B, router A
can't tell
Router B about network x and vice versa.
both routers advertise x and y, but they prepend the other routers network
when they send it
 to the ISP, for example, router A send both x and Y to ISP A but he sends
 now I want to configure A and B so that if the link
between the routers is lost, and the IBGP route about x, and Y are gone, a
floating static will
kick in to tell router A for example that to get to Network Y go to Pix A.
I'm not having luck with the config, If I put a floating static router with
admin 250 at A
that says Ip route network y to pix A admin 250, the BGP network statement
for y that was
configured on router A kicks in, and we have a problem.
so what do you guys think, how can we solve this issue?

Mohammed Al-Zubi
VP Professional Services
24 Werner Ave.  #21
Daly City, CA 94014
Tel:   (650) 438-6384
Fax:  (720) 293-4897
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