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How to put 3550's loopback into other router's routing table? posted 04/16/2003
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for example, r2 ( connect  to fa0/2,  r3 ( connect to fa 0/3, r6 ( connect to fa 0/6,
and I have loopback 0 (  All runing OSPF.  I imagine the config is like this:

int  range fa0/2 -3
switchport access vlan 2

int  fa0/6
switchport access vlan 6

int vlan 2 
ip add

int vlan 6 
ip add

int loop 0
ip add

router ospf 100
net area 2
net area 6
redistribute connected route-map loopback_0

route-map loopback_0 permit 10
match interface loop0

Is that right?