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Re: Frame Relay Backup Interface posted 04/16/2003
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Dialer-watch and backup-interface are somewhat similar, but fill different functions. Dialer-watch monitors the routing table; if a particular route disappears, it activates the ISDN interface. Backup-interface is configured on your primary interface (for example, your frame-relay interface); if the primary interface goes down, the ISDN line is brought up.

HTH, Kym

From: Pieter Scheepers - CPX SS <PieterSC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Reply-To: Pieter Scheepers - CPX SS <PieterSC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "'ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Frame Relay Backup Interface
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 09:54:05 +0200


    Could someone please explain when to use the "backup interface" or
"dialer-watch" commands when backing up a Frame-Realy interface.
I realise it has to do with whether you have sub-interfaces or not but I do
not understand the rules here.


Pieter Scheepers

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