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RE: Frame Relay Backup Interface posted 04/16/2003
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When using a backup interface only when the physical interface goes down
does the backup come up. If you have multiple PVCs on an interface and only
one goes down then backup interface will not work. If you are using
dialer-watch to 'watch' certain routes then you can provide a backup for an
individual PVC.


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From: Pieter Scheepers - CPX SS [mailto:PieterSC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 16 April 2003 08:54
To: 'ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Subject: Frame Relay Backup Interface

    Could someone please explain when to use the "backup interface" or
"dialer-watch" commands when backing up a Frame-Realy interface.
I realise it has to do with whether you have sub-interfaces or not but I do
not understand the rules here.


	Pieter Scheepers 

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