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Re: What is the default for Queuing? posted 04/13/2003
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If your T1 is setup for FIFO, then someone changed it.  Type fair queue to
re-enable it.  The default for <2Mbps link is WFQ.  Anything above that, the
default is FIFO.  If your T1 is very busy, using FIFO, you have probably had
issues with small packet or interactive apps....... eg, telnet, ping.

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From: "Jeongwoo Park" <jpark@xxxxxxxx>
To: <ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Saturday, April 12, 2003 5:00 PM
Subject: What is the default for Queuing?

> Hi all.
> Very confused with the default status of Queuing?
> Is the default queuing strategy for the router FIFO or WFQ?
> I am getting two different default Queuing strategy.
> 1. The internet router whose bandwidth is T1
> Queuing strategy: fifo
> 2. The router in the lab
> Queuing strategy: weighted fair
> Why do I get these two different result?
> How could I change from FIFO to WFQ?
> I know that the configuration is not required to set up WFQ.
> Can you clarify this?
> Thanks a lot.
> JP