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Lab steps posted 04/07/2003
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Below is a list I hope to follow in tackling the Lab. Please
take a look and send your comments. Also I have a question
regarding Layer 2 Lan. When I configure it should I perform
all the required tasks on the switches in one shot or just
what is needed at first for connectivity? Then go back later
and configure other tasks that might be required such as
port-security,vlan names,etherchannel,etc. Thanks very much.
1) Read entire Lab booklet

2) Check each router's and switch's config

3) Setup and paste aliases (optional)

4) Draw a complete diagram (optional)

4) On paper - write a checklist with headings that consists of:

    Side A - Completed tasks # and point value

    Side B - Incompleted task # and point value

    Cross check each task that has a dependancy

5) Configure Layer 2 LAN - switches

6) Configure Layer 2 WAN - Frame-Relay

7) Configure IGP's - One IGP at a time - verify all routes

8) Configure IGP redistibution where required - verify all routes

9) Configure ISDN network

10) Configure BGP - verify all routes

11) Configure remaining requirements