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RE: core technologies posted 03/09/2003
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	IP routing protocols, minus those removed from the lab.  ISIS is still a
possibility.  Layer 2 should be considered core as well.  Not knowing ISDN
or frame relay real well will kill you.  Everything else (other than the
'features' category) builds on these two things.  Keep in mind it's still
possible to fail the lab if you've got them down pat, but not being very
strong in them almost guarantees failure.

Chuck Church
Wam!Net Government Services
13600 EDS Dr.
Herndon, VA 20171
cell 585-233-2706

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I have been grinding away at my home lab.

But, want to spend my time as efficiently as possible.

Can anyone give me the main technologies I should make sure I have down cold
for the exam.

Any help will be most appreciated.


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